The Test Spring School 2012

The European Test Symposium offers a 3 day test spring school (TSS@ETS 2012) for Ph.D. and M.Sc. students which will introduce into modern test technology. Renowned experts will give lectures and will cover the main challenges of test and reliability of today’s nanoelectronic systems.

This year, emphasis is put on dependability, online test, and fault tolerance of circuits and systems. TSS@ETS offers the unique opportunity to learn about the leading edge of the state of the art in dependable systems design in a comprehensive and compact way. The school will give the opportunity to earn credits and a certificate by passing an exam online.

The school is organized in conjunction with ETS 2012, and the last two lectures are open for the general ETS attendees without additional fee. The school is also organized in conjunction with the DFG priority program SPP1500: "Dependable Embedded Systems". TSS@ETS is offered to registered students at very low cost rate. The school is also available for professionals at higher rates, however priority is given to students on first-come, first-served basis, as the number of attendees is strictly limited.

The registration is now started. You can register here. The course material will be available on the teaching platform.

Hans-Joachim Wunderlich
Chair of the Steering Committee of ETS

Paolo Prinetto
Organization Chair