Test Spring School 2016

The European Test Symposium offers a 4 day Test Spring School (TSS@ETS 2016, May 20-23) for Ph.D. and M.Sc. students as well as engineers. Experts both from academia and industry, from all over the world, will give lectures on all aspects of IC and system design including technology, Design-for-X (DFX), system architecture and integration, safety and security, etc. The theme of this year is: “Dependable systems: The enabler for future Autonomous Cars”.

TSS invites delegates from several universities and corporations and focuses on intensive interaction between attendees and lecturers, and on the development of soft skills to prepare the attendees for a successful career in a global and technology demanding world. The event promotes the development of the IC and system industry and creates a network for high level cooperation in a field that is basic for almost all future innovations. The TSS provides also an opportunity to discuss between attendees and experts from academia and industry.

TSS consist of the following parts:

  1. Soft Skill Training Program:  Attendees (typically PhD students and engineers) will be grouped in teams and get training in working in teams, presenting ideas and dealing with different cultures, etc. Experts in this field will give lectures and guide attendees with practical advice.  The teams that will be formed will work together throughout the TSS event.
  2. Technical Program: This part starts with a “trigger talk” that will introduce the audience to the challenges faced by tomorrow autonomous cars (reliability, safety, security, etc.) and how electronics could help solving them. Thereafter two kinds of lectures will be given: one related to DFX (X=reliability, testability, etc.) and one related to the theme of this year (electronics for automotive, safety, security, system architecture and integration, etc.). Finally, the technical program will end with a lecture that illustrates how (some of) the concepts covered during the school are integrated together and how they can improve the functional performance of car products.
  3. Mini-conference: The school will be ended with a mini-conference where each team presents its views regarding the presented topics and the tasks provided in the introduction lecture.

Note that the school will give the opportunity to earn credits and a certificate. Students will be evaluated based on their continuous participation during the program, their involvement, and their presentation during the Mini-Conference.

We fully believe that by focusing on the development of top talents and future technology leaders, with a specially designed, high level and dedicated program, this school will be successful, enjoyable and unforgettable. It also establishes a high level network for your future career in an extremely challenging field!

For more information, please contact the Organizing Committee Members.