Situated at the heart of Germany, midway between the Northern Lowlands and the mountainous central region, the charming city of Paderborn is full of many diverse and delightful attractions.

The city's wider community extends across eastern North-Rhine Westphalia and encompasses a catchment area of half a million people, the majority of whom live in the more rural outlying villages. There are 145,000 inhabitants (as recorded in December 2009) living within the city, many of which moved to Paderborn during the last thirty years.

The city has numerous qualities to tempt the visitor. With over 1200 years of history to its credit, it is steeped in historical tradition which has shaped the cityscape. The many parks and green spaces beginning right by the shopping precinct at Pader Springs are much appreciated by city-dwellers and visitors alike. Despite the recent modernisation and expansion of the city, it remains a user-friendly place that can be easily navigated. In comparison with other cities, inhabitants have only a short distance to travel from home to work. Paderborn's appeal thus lies in the combination of many different qualities. Ancient and modern, sacred and spiritual, economic and political are all combined, each contributing to the city's distinctive character. Take a virtual tour around Paderborn through our city guide and form your own picture of the city - then experience it for real by paying us a visit!

The TSS venue is the CAMPUS Lounge Hotel close to the university campus.



Campus Lounge

Hotel Campus Lounge
Mersinweg 2
33100 Paderborn (Germany)
Phone: +49 5251 8920 7-0
Fax: +49 5251 8920 7-800
E-mail: info(at)

Website :
Review : tripadvisor

Package Early Registration (before April 18th) Late Registration (after April 18th)
Students* 370 € 420 €
Industrial Professional 700 € 770 €

* University membership required

The package of TSS 2014 includes:

  • 3 nights in double room, upgrade to a single-room is possible for an additional charge of 50 €
  • Meals and breakfasts: 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners (one with welcome reception) and 4 coffee breaks
  • 3 social events including transport
  • Access to Test Spring School facility
  • Free Wifi access

Welcome Reception and Dinner in the Restaurant "La Verdure"

Visit to the Quax-hangar at Paderborn airport (airplane hangar with historic aircraft), followed by dinner.

The new viewing terrace is located on the top floor of the Quax-Hangar. The latest and most impressive building on the Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport estate is designed in resemblance to a cross-section of an aircraft wing. This multi-functional complex is intended for visitor entertainment and is the home to the Quax-Flying-Club. Adjacent to the runway is a raised platform which gives a nice clear 180-degree view over the airfield.

Traditional archery event Haxterpark (indoor or outdoor, depending on weather conditions ), followed by dinner.

Bow-shooting is fun! Young and old children know that! And so it is no wonder that archery, especially the tradtional way, is booming. The Paderborn company Bogenzeit (, which is specialized on high quality archery equipment and events, welcomes you to a new experience!

After a short theoretical introduction (history of the bow, shooting technique, safety instructions) trainers you make your first steps in shooting with tradtional longbows and wooden arrows on straw targets. Guided by competent trainers you learn to hit the targets precisely by dealing constructively with tension and realxation. Fascinating!

Tour of Paderborn city, followed by lunch